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She gives you her opinion before you’ve even thought to ask for it. 
Experience has taught her a thing (or two) and she wants you to 
know it:

     1. Respect yourself: a design that commands recognition and 
         exudes sophistication

     2. Be prepared: Use the bag insert as a stand-alone clutch for 
         spur-of-the-moment cocktails.

It’s all great advice…just don’t interrupt her or you’ll never hear the 
end of it.

A versatile bag for every day; the classic shape emanates maturity 
while the embellishments and handle options offer a modern 

Pebbled leather available in Camel and Brown. Special order 
options include Brown Embossed Leather and Green Embossed 
Leather. Leather and bamboo strap available.

Lined in SAM monogram fabric with zippered pockets.


  • 11.5" wide x 13.5" long

    9.5" strap

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